A Guide To Drugs from Pharmaceutical Distributors  

What are Medicinal Drugs?

Medicines are also labeled prescription products. We may simply define these as a chemical substance that is used to administer, diagnose medicinally, avoid or cure some disease. The word ‘Pharmaceutical’ derives from the Greek word Pharmaceuticals, reformed today as “Pahrmacia.” Learn more about this at 10 Benefits of Buying Drugs from Pharmaceutical Distributors – Miosuperhealth

Pharmaceutical Classification:

There is a particular kind of pharmaceutical drugs available on the market at the pharmacy shops or over the counter ( OTC) for various types of diseases and physical ailments. Only as prescribed by doctor should one take these medicines. Another important thing is to take the right quantity at the right time before taking the medication. One can easily divide pharmaceutical drugs into two major categories as follows:

1)Prescription Drugs

These are the approved drugs which are not available on the market without the authorization from the Dr. The law controls such medications. The acronym “Rx” is widely used as prescription drug abbreviation.

Collection of certain essential prescribed drugs




Antiviral medications




Drugs to calm muscles

Drugs to combat gastroesophageal reflux


Infertility medicines


Drugs which cause bone disorder

Japanese penicillin


2 ) Non-prescription Medicines

These are the medicines which can be sold without prescription from a physician. Non-prescription medications are also known as counter drugs or OTC medicines. Those are allowed to sell to customers directly. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) are typically governed by OTC medications.

Catalog of Unprescribed Products




Cough Syrups

Suppressants with cough

Antacids and salt reducing agents




Hot Sore or Blister Fever

Supplying First Aid

Quitting smoking

Aids to Sleep

Pharmaceutical Formulations-What is Drug Formulation?

In scientific terminology, pharmaceutical formulation is a method in which the synthesis of various chemical compounds and active medications creates a therapeutic or remedial product. Formulation involves the entire process right from the patient ‘s development of a drug to its final acceptance. Pharmaceutical formulations include the analysis of certain important factors, such as pH, particle size, solubility, and polymorphism.