A Guide To Drugs from Pharmaceutical Distributors  

What are Medicinal Drugs? Medicines are also labeled prescription products. We may simply define these as a chemical substance that is used to administer, diagnose medicinally, avoid or cure some disease. The word ‘Pharmaceutical’ derives from the Greek word Pharmaceuticals, reformed today as “Pahrmacia.” Learn more about this at 10 Benefits of Buying Drugs from […]

Role And Functions Of Pharmacy

The primary role of pharmacy practice includes medication dispensation and compounding. Such programs provide preventive insurance, the quality and safety analysis of drugs, the distribution of medication knowledge and other healthcare resources. Pharmacists working in the Pharmacies have drug therapy expertise. We are, in essence, primary health providers who maximize the usage of drugs to […]

Regenerative Cell Therapy- Details

A suitable source of transplant therapy is cord blood that comes from the umbilical cord. Other are bone marrow transplantation and peripheral blood transplants. Cord blood transplant has played a very vital role in the eradication of diseases from the human body such as leukemia. The blood left when the umbilical cord is removed from […]

Need To Know More About  Hormone Replacement

The human body is certainly a piece of machinery which is very complex, fascinating and very effective. Man has been attempting over the years to discover the constituent components that make the body work the way it does. Needless to say, there are many different and very important components discovered by medical scientists over the […]