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An electrician is a dealer who specializes in buildings and associated appliances electrical wiring. An electrician may be employed to install new electrical components or to maintain and repair current electrical infrastructure. Get more info about JCP Electric Inc.

When electrical work needs to be done inside your home, it ‘s vital that you hire a professional to do it as electrical work that is installed unprofessional can end up being dangerous and you and your home could be what ends up suffering as a result. That’s why you should use an electrician ‘s help to do whatever cabling or electrical work you need to do.

The UK standards and legislation are no longer substantially different from those found in other European nations. However, a number of practices associated with domestic electrical wiring in the UK are still substantially different from other countries, including ring loops, fused connectors, switch sockets, absence of standard switches and sockets in bathrooms, historical cable colors and asymmetric supply-voltage tolerances.

All electrical work required to be carried out within a domestic setting within the UK must comply with British Standard 7671. Although this regulation is now classified as older, it is a legal enforceability and a requirement of the England and Wales Part P Building Regulations introduced on January 1 , 2005.

Several of the amendments to the restrictions set out in the new part P section of the building regulations is deemed problematic because under the new regulations, the undertaking of some work other than basic modifications, such as changing a light switch, was notifiable to the local building control authority;

To coincide with the new regulations, the government has approved several professional bodies to grant individuals the status of ‘competent persons,’ which enables them to self-certify any work they perform. Before it is initiated (unless it is an emergency) the building control authority must be informed of any notifiable work performed by someone not qualified under this scheme and must be subsequently approved by them. Originally, it was widely understood that a qualified person’s inspection (leading to authority approval) had to be organized and paid for by the home owner or person responsible for the site, which caused some significant criticism.