Marijuana – Global Use of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has been used for many years as an illegal recreational drug but is also used as a health aid around the world. Another name for medical marijuana is cannabis medicinal. Another name for this drug derived from the hemp plant is cannabis.I strongly suggest you to visit Dispensary Near Me-Urban Wellness Dispensary – Paseo to learn more about this.

Cannabis is legal for some medical purposes in Canada, the United States (depending on individual states), Portugal, Italy , The Netherlands, Germany , Austria, Spain, Finland and Israel.

Thirteen states have legalized marijuana use within the United States. With other limitations and rules, Alaska, California , Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada , New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington have passed legislation to make use of the plant lawful.

Many of the 13 states that have voted in the legalization process require the user to have an ID card and adhere to the prescribed maximum possession limit. Many other states are still being investigated and legalization instituted.

In Canada, under the brand name CannaMed, these drugs are sold by Health Canada to patients who fall into those categories. These categories include patients with the end-of – life or those with a debilitating medical condition. To assist with epileptic seizures, extreme pain associated with either HIV/AIDS, arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, or spinal cord injury or disease, it is recommended.

In Spain, since the late 1990s, marijuana has experienced a progression toward decriminalisation. It is used to relieve pain , nausea and overall suffering in patients with HIV / AIDS, cancer , asthma, seizures and multiple sclerosis. Spain has established associations and clubs for the cannabis users.

Since 1998 Germany and Austria have been working towards legalisation. Its chemical ingredient, THC, has been reclassified into drug restrictions, and is still being scientifically studied.