Product Liability Defense Strategies in Use

Filing a claim for damages for any accident that happens seems to have been the phenomenon of modern times. It may be quite possible, in such a circumstance, that your business faces such a case because of a defective product. To avoid legal consequences it is wise to consult a product liability attorney immediately.To get additional info, Miami Product Liability Attorney

Illinois law adheres to the concept of strict liability. The claimants therefore do not even need to prove the manufacturer, dealer or seller’s ‘fault.’ What there is to say is that the product was faulty, and the accident resulted from this flaw in the product. Instead of fines the manufacturer / distributor / seller can have to pay millions.

Whenever a company in Chicago faces such a problem, it is best to work with an attorney to come up with a proper plan for defence. How does he / she do this? Here are a few instances of possible defence.

Situation 1: Assume a person has purchased a chemical color suitable for the dyeing of a piece of fabric. If someone uses this chemicals to dye hair, and this leads to injuries, no liability is involved. The product ‘s improper use was the cause of the accidents, and not any product defects.

Situation 2: Assume that a person mixes the same dye with the hair dye and applies it to the scalp, resulting in injury. The producer or retailer is not liable in this situation, either. The unforeseeable alteration to the chemical compound causes injuries in the original product (hair dye) and not any defects.

Situation 3: Suppose someone purchased a knife, then cut his / her hand while using it. If he / she sues the manufacturer / seller for damages, this would not hold ground in most cases. Sharpness is the knife’s quality, and not its flaw. This also holds true when a patient gets accidents when something dangerous is done carelessly.

A trained , experienced product liability attorney in Chicago will find the best approach for your defense. In addition to the above techniques, the legal practitioner may also use other techniques when necessary. He / she will need to review the specifics of the case and evaluate them for this.